10 Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

Try An In-Office Treatment

Popular treatments available to promote quicker hair growth include platelet-rich plasma procedures.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Your diet may make your hair shine. “A healthy diet can boost mental and physical health, which affects hair growth.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

Chemical treatments, hair coloring, and heat can damage scalp skin and hair follicles, affecting hair development.

Avoid Certain Hairstyles

Avoiding hairstyles that strain the hair follicle, like a tight bun or high ponytail. Leaving your hair down or in protective styles may reduce tension.

Add Vitamins

 Certain hair vitamins contain vitamins B, D, zinc, and biotin, which are ideal for hair growth.

Swap Shampoos

 Use a volumizing shampoo to boost the appearance of existing hair while waiting for more. Protein-rich shampoos make hair appear fuller and thicker.

Massage Your Scalp

Manually or with a scalp massager, to enhance blood flow and relax. Massage may increase hair follicle oxygen flow and reduce oxidative stress.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is linked to the production of free oxygen radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that can damage cellular structures and inhibit hair growth.

Avoid Excessive Heat

While styling or drying hair, damage and breakage can occur. You can utilize alternative methods, such as air-drying your hair. The effects of applying heat to hair are not favorable.

Consider a Medicated Solution

Artificial stimulation with medications such as Rogaine can also revitalize hairs in the dormant phase, stimulating them to enter the growing phase.