8 Awesome Burst Fade Haircut Ideas For Men In 2023

Low Burst Fade

This low explosion fade on the sides and back keeps the sides and back relatively short.

Burst Fade Mohawk

This wide mohawk with kinked hair is accompanied by a high balding explosion fade on the sides and an edge-up along the hairline and temples.

Curly Hair

This is yet another variant of frohawk fading. This faded cut with curly hairstyles for men has the softest appearance of all the fades for black men.

Comb Over Burst Fade

People with and without beards look fantastic in the comb over Burst Fade hairstyle. Its name derives from the manner in which this hairstyle is worn.

Hard Part Burst Fade

This is the solution if you want a men's haircut that will make you appear elegant and handsome but are unsure which one to choose.


You must grow out your top hair longer to obtain the ponytail man bun.

Wavy Burst Fade

The burst fade appears great with curly hair. If you have dense hair, you may prefer a textured and voluminous top cut.

Side Part Burst Fade

This men's haircut features an explosive fade on the sides and tapering around the ears.