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6 Colors To Highlight Blonde Hair

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Pink (Duh)

Although "Barbie pink" is not on the color wheel, it evokes a distinct tone. Hot pink is popular in denim too.

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The iconic "lady in red." has endless stories. Red, like black, works with all hair and skin colors, but blonde and red are irresistible.

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Teal Tenacity

Teal, which represents renewal and independence, complements blonde. Teal, a soothing blue-green, giving the beach-ready mane an oceanic feel and energy.

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Good blonde hair sparkles like champagne or stars. Light refractions and royal optics from a camera flash make blond hair alive.

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Matching Neutrals 

Monochrome matching eliminates the boom, boom BOOM of dazzling metallic materials. Neutrals can enhance blonde hair's boldness.

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 Simply told, black and blonde always work. A black dress is typically a good contrast for blonde hair.

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