7 Best Short Cut for Every Face Shape

Big Southern Bob

A short, layered haircut is ideal for achieving the desired volume.

Rounded Bob

A chin-length bob with a slight undercurve frames the face in the most flattering manner.

Blunt Collarbone Bob

If you're hesitant to go all the way up to your chin, request a cut that ends just above your clavicle. Blunt edges make it ultra-chic.

Angled Bob

Request shorter length in the back and longer length in the front, without excessive layering in the rear.

Glass Hair

Glass hair, an evergreen trend, is characterized by razor-sharp edges and insane sheen. It skims those cheekbones as if they were nothing.

Razor Sharp Bob

This extremely sleek, glassy bob that ends just below the chin is irresistible.

Curly Bob

Let the tresses speak for themselves. This layered, side-swept bob is ideal for swaying those ringlets back and forth.

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