8 Beautiful Beach Wedding Hairstyles That Are Perfect For A Coastal Celebration

Beachy Waves

Large barrel curls that will progressively fall out are simple and timeless for outdoor weddings.

Romantic Half-Up Braid

This long hairstyle resembles a waterfall braid crossed with a half-up hairstyle. It is suitable for a sandy beachside event.

Volume-Packed Chignon

A Southern coastal wedding would not be complete without someone bringing a teasing comb.

Sleeked Ponytail

The wind has no chance against this low, slicked-back ponytail that exudes retro sentiments.

Heart Braid Half-Up

A heart-shaped braid that is appropriate for the occasion is the best hairstyle for commemorating the special day.

Pearl Headband

Beach weddings have a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, so your favored accessory can undoubtedly make an appearance.

Accessorized High Bun

This ballet-inspired hairdo will keep your flyaways out of the way during the ceremony.

Messy Low Bun

Curly-haired women can combat beach weather with a windswept, unkempt updo that is completed with a coastal pin or clip.