8 Beautiful Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women in 2023

1. Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Don't be deceived by dreads' simplicity. There are numerous hairstyles you can try to maintain your hair fashionable and preserved.

2. Browny Dreads in Puff Hairstyle

This style emphasizes the volume and texture of the golden-brown bun resting lordly on the crown by creating some flatness in the front with meticulously plaited twists.

3. Dreaded Halo with Highlights

This trendy updo gets a new depth with a mix of thick and thin twists and swirls.

4. Short Dreadlocks Women Hairstyle

After a series of hair experimentation, you may choose to let it grow out while keeping its health. 

5. Yarn Dreads in Two High Buns

A terrific styling option for students that allows for creative expression with a fun design in the back while also adding a few inches to your height!

6. Dreadlock Bantu Knots

Braided dreads in adorable, tight Bantu knots that look good at any time of day will have you ready for any occasion.

7. Mohawk with Loopy Dreadlocks

his haircut mixes flat twists on the sides that function as an undercut with kinky dreads stacked up in two piles to create a unique Mohawk.

8. Blonde Swirly Dread Bun

This is one of the "simple, but it definitely works" creative hairstyles for girls with dreads.

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