8 Beautiful Formal Hairstyles For Your Next Special Occasion

Messy Low Bun

This low pun is stitched together loosely so that hair can form a unique shape. It is completed with a pearl clip that lends a touch of elegance.

Wrapped Curly Ponytail

This version of a ponytail with exquisite curls is formal. A piece of hair is wound around the ponytail to create an elegant finish.

Sleek And Fluffy Ponytail

This formal appearance features a contrast between the sleek upper and the fluffy ponytail.

Pinned To One Side

To accomplish this style, use a beautiful pin to pull one side of your curls back, while allowing the other side to fall naturally.

Braid Into Bun

If you can't decide between a plait and a bun, you can have both with this hairstyle.

Voluminous Curls

In recent years, voluminous hair has made a significant revival, and these curls are ideal for any special occasion.

Flowers Throughout

Choose flowers that are in season and appropriate for the occasion, and weave them through an updo for a whimsical look that is bound to impress.

Half Curls

Instead of having curls from root to tip, this hairstyle has curls from root to mid-shaft and straight ends.