8 Best Eye-Catching Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Long Marley Twists

These twists are typically lighter and less taxing on your natural hair than braids.

 Big Beautiful Black Curls

Long, thick ebony hair is beautiful, but it can be time-consuming to maintain. Overnight fashions are your salvation.

 Long Blue Streaks

Straight hair does not have to be dull or traditional. Add a lively splash of color to spice things up.

Bouncy Curls for Black Hair

Long hair, whether natural or enhanced with extensions, must have structure to avoid appearing too weighty or lifeless.

 Weave with Shoulder-Length Curls

When some people think of weave hairstyles, they envision hair that is extremely lengthy or garishly colored.

Medium to Long Burgundy Weave

A sewn-in weave will extend by approximately an inch over the course of a month.

Choppy Lob for Black Hair

This texture can be accomplished without sea salt spray, which works best on fine, straight hair, by using a large barrel curling wand or by braiding hair and sleeping on it overnight.

Long Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most well-known protective hairstyles for long ebony hair.

 Chunky Cornrows

The contemporary version of flat braids is a chunky, straight-back style that ends in the center of the back for a cool look that exudes a great deal of attitude.