8 Bridal Hairstyles That Highlight Short Hair

Low chignon

The chignon hairstyle is merely a low, elegant bun styled at the nape of the neck, but it can differ in texture and smoothness to suit your personal taste.

Blunt bob

Bob haircuts are more versatile than they appear, particularly for brides with short hair.

Deep side parts

If you want your wedding day hairstyle to be both casual and romantic, enhance your natural appearance with a deep side part.

Short pixie with bangs

The short length of this cut emphasizes the neck and bone structure, while baby bangs or straight fringe frame and soften the face for a truly striking appearance.

Natural curls and waves

This hairstyle can be worn in an infinite number of ways and complements any bridal accessory, from cathedral-length tulle veils to fashionable pearl headbands or hairclips.

Half-up, half-down

Even short hair can become tangled in the breeze, making a half-up, half-down hairstyle ideal for beach or outdoor weddings.

Minimalist curls

Short, minimalistic bridal hair is the ideal complement to a lavish wedding dress, accoutrements, or wedding theme.

Floral hairpieces

Large or vibrant statement flowers are a lovely addition to a short-haired bridal style, adding whimsy, playfulness, and earthy feelings to your wedding location.

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