8 Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Every Dress Code

 Party Pony

It is also an excellent choice if you want to highlight a vibrant dress or eye.

Braid with Volume

This style enables you to do so by teasing the hair's crown, but also allows for some playfulness with the half-updo, loose plait, and bow in the back.

Slicked-back Pony

Utilize a hairstyle befitting of the red carpet for maximum glitz. This pulled-back pony is done by a professional, but it is quite simple to achieve at home.

Romantic Updo

This hairstyle is romantic enough for a bride or bridesmaid, but that does not preclude you from attempting it as a guest.

Messy Bun With a Bow

With the addition of a velvet bow, a messy bun can be worn for a special occasion while remaining simple and elegant.

Dressy Headband

Similar to a bow, a dressy headband can lend that extra "something" to a stunning hairstyle.

Simple Chignon

This wedding hairstyle is the epitome of the "I'm running late" look, and we approve.

Textured Ponytail

This uncomplicated ponytail will make you feel more special than if you simply let your hair down.

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