8 Hairstyles To Convince You That Scrunchies Have Officially Made a Comeback

 Scrunch Ponytail

This first scrunchie hairstyle has been seen countless times; it is an American classic.


The half-pony is an additional retro-chic style. It may be styled unkempt, elegant, high, or low.

Top Knot

Everyone knows an active woman who always sports a messy bun. It is her signature style.

Braided Ponytail

When you're tired of straightforward ponytails, you should opt for braided ones. They elevate and distinguish this fundamental hairstyle.

 Low Braided Bun

Aren't two hairstyles better than one? Choose braids and buns for this straightforward scrunchie hairstyle.

Mix and Match Scrunchies and Hats

Alternate your hair accessories to add variety. Combine an adorable headwear with a low scrunchie ponytail.


For a youthful appearance, obtain two identical scrunchies and arrange your hair in high or low pigtails.

Low Messy Bun

Messy bun, scrunchie, and exit. The charm of this quick hairstyle is that low messy buns are appropriate for any occasion.