8 Long Hairstyle Inspiration You Must See Before Going Short

Casual Braids

This side braid is the ideal easy hairstyle for any day of the week, particularly on days when the sweltering Southern weather gets to be too much.

Long Natural Curls

Don't get us wrong; we adore curly short cuts, but naturally curly, long hair is enviable.

Beachy Waves

You once desired beachy waves that would have made you appear like you belonged on the set of Blue Crush, but you ended up with strands that crunched like raw ramen noodles.

Fishtail Top Knot

Top knots don't have to appear just-rolled-out-of-bed messy.

Long Bangs

When you have long hair, you can have long bangs that can be drawn back out of your face.

Lace Braid Ponytail

Ponytails are a tremendous convenience for individuals with long hair, particularly in warm weather.

Long Layers

Long hair permits long layers that imperceptibly add volume and movement without the use of styling products.

Slicked Back High Pony

The slicked-back high pony is only achievable with long hair or extensions, and it is a stylish way to transition from day to night.