8 Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts That'll Make Life So Much Easier

Blunt Lob

Maintain simplicity with a long bob cut that is uniform in length, making styling straightforward.

A-Line Bob

A small angle can accomplish much. This A-line bob is not piled in the back, but is slightly shorter, giving a classic length a touch of effortless oomph.

Curly Shag

Layering is always essential for curls, regardless of whether they are low-maintenance or not.

Stacked Bob

This particular bob is a one-way ticket to decibel vista. You can toss out your teasing brush because a quick blow-dry is enough to style these stacked layers.

Blunt Bangs

For those with naturally straight hair, straight-across bangs are relatively easy to maintain, so feel free to wear them until the cows come home.

Classic Crop

A classic side-swept crop cut is effortless, making it ideal for those with a demanding schedule.

No-Fuss Shoulder Cut

This low-maintenance hairstyle is so laid-back that it's practically reclining. (But not level, never level.) Long garments are all that is required.

Shaggy Bob

When getting a shaggy trim, emphasize texture over styling. This shag-inspired bob dabbles in fringe of the wispiest variety.