8 Medium-Length Hairstyles We're Loving Right Now

Angled Lob

This medium-length cut is made significantly more intriguing by a back-to-front angled cut that creates a piled, layered appearance.

Mega Layers

More is more" in terms of layering is the quickest method to achieve great volume and lift.

Thick Long Layers

If you have thick hair, these longer layers appear fantastic on a medium-length cut. The layers blend without appearing choppy or layered.

Curly Volume

It is difficult for girls with curly hair to find a length between short and long that provides volume.

Sleek Shag

This modern approach to the shag cut gets the tousled look and bangs with less messiness

Framing Shoulder Cut

This blunt cut falls just below the shoulders and features minimal face-framing layers that make hair appear extremely healthy and full.

Classic and Flippy

This vintage-inspired cut grazes the clavicle and features flipped ends and subtle curls for movement.

Side-Swept and Simple

This style is enjoyable, simple to maintain, and effortlessly fashionable. It is ideal for women who desire an intriguing hairstyle with minimal effort.

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