8 Messy Bun Hairstyles To Refresh Your Casual Look

Fringed Donut Style

This ranks highly on our list of adorable messy buns. After all, it is a potent combination of donut, messy, and fringe, and it is as simple to create as it appears.

Not-So-Messy Bun

Uptight and messy are compatible, despite what your boss thinks. For curly hair, this bun is the best of all worlds.

Peony Blossom Updo

Create a flowering vase on your head with this sloppy bun. A low ponytail, looped hair, and bobby pins start it.

Low Bun with Medieval Braid

Braids and buns have been around for a while, but this hairstyle started when there was no tutorial.

Messy Bun with Embellishment

A messy bun comes in many forms, but none is as sweet as this swept style embellished with a flower.

Curly Pastel Purple Bun

This fairytale haircut will turn attention as you channel your inner child. The purple looks great with the white flower hairpin and a little green.

 Business Bun

If you work at the office, you'll require a simple, classy design.

Ageless Messy Bun

Anyone can rock a messy bun. Try a low bun with fingers and no brush for mature hair.