8 Most Popular Medium Haircut Inspiration For 2023

Modern Shag

A modern shag with divided bangs is considerably more relaxed than the original style.

Curly Cut With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs won't ever lie flat on naturally curly hair. Short, choppy bangs are charming and edgy in equal measure. 

Wavy Layers And Caramel Ribbons

Warm ribbon highlights look lovely on wavy or curly hair, and a few layers add additional texture. 

Classic Lob

The lob is a manageable cut that is universally flattering and suitable for any hair type and facial shape. 

Full Fringe And Piecey Layers

Straight across bangs with tapered ends are less harsh than one-length bangs, particularly when paired with wavy layers.

Natural Curls With Deep Side Part

If you want to add drama, separate your hair to the side to achieve maximum volume.

Smooth Flipped-Under Ends

A blunt cut with flipped-under ends (as styled by Ashley Antoine) lends instant Old Hollywood glamour to any day.

Sunkissed Curly Bangs

The shoulder-length cut is low-maintenance, but bangs lend character and a retro vibe.