8 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hairstyles for All Lengths

Short And Layered

Messy short hairstyles are cute too. Since this laid-back aesthetic is so popular, many layered cuts are designed to look chaotic.

Formal Messy Hair

While many sloppy types are for casual wear, certain formal versions for women would look great on prom or wedding day photos.

Youthful Updo

A side chignon with loose strands is a quick and easy updo for young women.


Curly hair can be imperfect. Wavy hair looks best when slightly undone and textured, especially for medium hair.

Cute, Knotted And Messy

Every female should have a messy bun, and for good reason. Let some hair loose for a casual mussed low chignon.

Messy Hair with a Side Braid

A feminine front braid is perfect for a quick, stylish hairdo that will get you out the door in under 10 minutes.

Twisted, Wavy and Messy

Before twisting two pieces from opposite sides of the head and linking them in the back, curl your hair into beach waves.

Triple Knot

A lazy, sultry updo will keep hair looking great. Though complicated, this triple knotted updo is beautiful since it doesn't stretch for perfection.