8 Pumpkin Spice Hair Is Trending For Fall 2023

True Pumpkin

This shade of burnt copper is authentic pumpkin spice, and we can sense the joy it brings.

Sleek Burnt Orange

This deeper burnt orange shade of pumpkin is great for darker complexions.

Highlighted Bob

This choppy bob's lighter streaks and wavy texture are reminiscent of the froth on top of your daily PSL.

Brunette Spice

This gorgeous hairstyle is a more subtle take on pumpkin spice, as it is predominantly brown with a trace of orange and even some purple for dimension.

Peachy Pumpkin

It gives the hair a sand-kissed look, and the contrast really enhances the spirals' shape.

Dark Roots

Rich red roots dissolve into sun-washed pumpkin to create a unique, three-dimensional interpretation of burnt orange.

Pumpkin Spirals

These pumpkin-hued ends demonstrate that naturally curly hair can pull off this daring hue.

Light Pumpkin

This milder pumpkin spice hue contains blonde-red balayage strands throughout.