8 Stunning Short Hairstyles To Try At Your Next Appointment

Blunt Collarbone Bob

This may be the lowest maintenance trim of the group. It is extremely wearable, as it is all one length and only faintly waved.

Cropped Bob

Increase the length of your bob a few increments, or inches. This not-your-typical bob cut has a substantial amount of volume.

Windswept Crop Cut

Add flair to a pixie cut by arranging it away from the face and upwards.

Short Shag

Meet the girl's hairstyle of the year. Nothing complements a mane of curls more than an unkempt appearance.

Rooty Stacked Bob

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing angled bob trims available. As you see fit, toss it from one shadow-rooted section to the next.

BluntCurly Shag Chin Bob

This year, everyone will want layers and bangs like this curly girl take on the iconic shag. Layering provides elevation while also framing the face.

Curly Lob

If you're hesitant to make a drastic change to your hair, this bob will help you achieve your desired look. This cut has unparalleled volume due to the added texture.

Choppy Pixie

One incredibly fashionable pixie trim is coming right up. You can maintain the top of your hair long to maximize your styling options.