8  Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Take the vitamins

On the topic of health, just because those gummy vitamins appear tasty doesn't mean they will help your hair grow.

Silk pillowcase

Sleep with hair in a soft scrunchie or a loose plait to prevent hair from becoming tangled.

Hair care products

Look for products that treat heat or color damage, heal dry, brittle hair, and prevent split ends and breakage.

Try an overnight hair mask

The wonderful thing about overnight hair masks is that there are so many options available to suit your hair care requirements.

Avoid heat styling

One of the simplest methods to achieve this is to avoid using a hair straightener and curling iron.

Brush hair regularly

Regular hair brushing may sound like fundamental health or beauty maintenance, but it can help remove loose or damaged hair and stimulate new growth by massaging the scalp.

Scalp scrub or massage

There are references to stimulating your roots (the location of hair follicles) to promote quicker growth.

Don't keep over-processing your hair

In our opinion, overprocessing and thermal damage are two sides of the same coin.