8 Wedding Hairstyles Mistakes Brides Make 

Going All Natural

Bridal hairstyles are all about the wow factor and adding a touch of glitz to your hairstyle. We suggest using Hair extensions for this purpose.

Getting a Last Minute Dye Job

Many brides may believe that dying their hair right before the wedding will result in flawless bridal hair, but this may not be the case.

Asking For Too Many Opinions

Consider instead seeking the opinion of three to four trusted family members. Thus, you can maintain an open mind and an objective perspective without becoming inundated.

Washing Your Hair The Day Of

For maximal hold, stylists typically recommend washing your hair the night before rather than on the wedding day.

Getting a Last Minute Cut

Cutting your hair too close to the ceremony could also be problematic. When the ends of your hair have been recently cut, the style may not adhere as well.

Being Too Trendy

Your wedding photos will be viewed for decades, so it's probably safer to choose a classic half-up style or soft chignon over something too trendy that may appear dated in the years to come.

Forgetting Product For Touch-Ups

Maintaining products such as bobby pins and a small amount of hairspray on you or with one of your attendants for touch-ups throughout the day.

Not Being Completely Open With Stylist

Being open and honest with your stylist is the most effective way for both of you to leave the appointment feeling satisfied and pleased.