8 Winter Hair Colors That Are Making Us Swoon

Honeyed Red

Meet copper red's more sassy relative. With a generous dose of honey-golden red, your mane will command attention throughout the entire winter.

Ginger Spice

This is not a typical shade of red hair. This season's most popular hue resembles a delightfully warm, orangey shade of apricot.

Flax Brown

Flax brown is the most attractive neutral color due to its ideal position between cold and warm on the color spectrum.

Whipped Cappuccino

Due to smoothly blended balayage highlights, this hair color is caramel brunette mixed with milky blonde, inspired by the Internet's frothy coffees.

Mulled Wine

Apple cider red might be made for fall, but mulled wine red is everything for winter

Golden Beige

A golden-kissed beige blonde is the answer for everyone who has complained about filthy blondes who wants something natural and low-maintenance.

Mauve Red

Women who appreciate warm hair colors can wear dark red, which looks like the somber purple of our winter nightmares.

Golden Bronde

If you're not ready to explore your brunette roots, try golden blonde around your face.