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9 Best Blunt Haircuts For New Year Glow

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is a trendy hairdo. It's refined, ageless, and with a blow dryer, the uniform ends make every hair appear great.

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Side-Swept Bob

A blunt side-swept bob seems asymmetrical due to a deep side part, not the haircut. It can be worn as a balanced blunt haircut or faux-asymmetrical.

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Lob

The graceful, flexible blunt long bob (lob) is slightly longer than the typical blunt bob. It's versatile and a great transitional length.

Tilted Green Blob

Inverted Blunt Bob

A somewhat longer front and shorter back describe an inverted bob. This keeps your blunt hairstyle from boxing out, especially if you have thick hair.

Tilted Green Blob

Box Bob

The same length box bob leans into a face-framing form, unlike an inverted bob. Because of this, it flatters many facial forms.

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Jungle Box Braids

Blank ends provide this protective style richness and uniform length. It keeps your hair protected without sacrificing style with shoulder-length braids. 

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Long Hair

Your remarkable length looks great in a long blunt style. This style will highlight breakage and split ends, so keep your hair healthy.

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Bowl Cut

This blunt haircut has even length on a 360-degree axis and big front bangs. With a fade, you may create texture and merge your hair with uniform ends.

Tilted Green Blob

Triangle Afro

The triangle afro in this natural hairstyle can be bluntly chopped upwards for a vintage look or downwards for a modern one.

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