8 Best Hairstyles For Older Women With Glasses

Short Top Volume

Top volume is easy with a round brush and hairdryer. This style works with most face shapes and hues. It complements all eyeglass styles and hues.

Classic Soft Curls

Create delicate curls that frame your face. This traditional style fits all eyeglasses and faces.

Edgy Bob

Cut your hair into a single-length bob for a strong look. Complete the appearance with big spectacles.

Cleopatra Inspired Bob

Bangs or fringes frame spectacles wonderfully. This technique works in many hues. You can wear it with white or gray hair or dye it pink or red to match your personality.

Wavy Bob

The playful style may be accomplished with curl-enhancing products. The chaotic waves add structure and movement to the hair, complementing the eyeglasses.

Short And Sassy Pixie

A traditional short pixie cut looks fantastic with glasses of all shapes, hues, and sizes. Leave it white or gray and pair with darker glasses, or darker and lighter.

Curtain Fringe

A curtain fringe will frame your glasses organically. Middle or side-part it as desired. Curtain fringes are easier to maintain than harsh bangs.

Go Long

Long hair suits all ages of women. Don't allow anyone tell you to cut your hair after 50. Long hair and big glasses can make you seem and feel young.

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