Tilted Brush Stroke

9 Fun Hair Colors If You Secretly Want To Be Redhead

Tilted Green Blob

Subtle Copper

Inspired by a luscious lion's mane? We definitely feel that way. Light brown hair seems bolder with this barely-red tint.

Tilted Green Blob

Ginger Brown

Get some ginger in your life by carrying this balayaged brown hairstyle to the salon for inspiration.

Tilted Green Blob

Strawberry Honey

Biscuits and gravy pair well with honey blonde and strawberry red hair. Bright, barely-red hair color brings out your inner spark.

Tilted Green Blob

Peach Blonde

This red-blonde mix is wonderful for summer, right? Inspiration comes from a cool glass of rosé.

Tilted Green Blob

Midnight Merlot

Merlot red is the most muted, but we use it for super dark base colors that can be uninteresting.

Tilted Green Blob

Bourbon Red

You are aware of the intense amber-brown liquor that Southerners adore, correct? That is the purpose.

Tilted Green Blob

Mahogany Red

If you're searching for a hair color that teeters between chocolate brown and auburn red, this is it.

Tilted Green Blob

Sunkissed Auburn

Slightly auburn-hued, this color is as subtle as it gets. Anyone with ruddy undertones can effortlessly carry off this look.

Tilted Green Blob

Warm Chocolate

This is only a baby step beyond traditional cocoa brown, but the added warmth gives it a fresh appearance.

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