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9 Most Flattering Curly Hairstyles For Oval Faces

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Transition Pixie

Curls enhance this crop cut pixie cut, which highlights the oval face. Brushing the curls away from the face enhances the face and appears effortlessly fashionable.

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Tousled Pixie

Your oval face and curly hair can balance a super-short pixie with a 3:2 length-to-width face ratio and let your curls style themselves.

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Full Bangs

Few faces look good with full bangs, but ovals do. Allowing your curls to flow naturally makes full bangs cute, but they require a little care.

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Face-Framing Lob

Longer face-framing layers make a haircut appear terrific and easy to style. Long layers define oval faces. Layers prevent curly hair from looking heavy.

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Thick Shag-Esque Bob

With an oval face and natural curl, a shag-inspired cut may be your hallmark look. Perfect texture and ease.

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Stacked Bob

A trendy stacked bob frames oval faces, but most people find it difficult. Curly hair provides it lift and volume that straight hair lacks.

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Choppy Bob

An elegant, casual cropped chin-length bob has waves. Choppy cut with smooth middle section. Diamond and heart facial shapes suit this cut.

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Layered Long-Length

Keep your curly hair longer without it looking dull. Layers are great for longer curly hairstyles. Layers are needed, especially front face-framing layers.

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Stacked Side-Part

Her curly hair and classic Carrie Bradshaw style will never leave us. This slightly stacked, heavy side part short phase was one of our favorites.

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