9 Timeless Hairstyles From the β€˜70s That Will Always Be In Style

Disco/Dance queen curls

This hairstyle was popular during the disco era and featured enormous gravity-defying curls cascading from short to long (past the shoulders).


The 1970s afro was a halo around the head and worn by all genders. Today, finely coiffed wigs are used to achieve the effect.

The shag haircut

This "shaggy" appearance has uniformly advanced layers from the smallest at the top of the head to the longest at the back.

Locs (Dreadlocks)

Traditional locs styles are low-maintenance. The loc wearer can curl with rollers, bantu knots, or pipe cleaners. Otherwise, loc bearers can grow hair as long as they like.


While bangs aren't new, '70s women wore them best. They encouraged curtain and wispy bangs, which were softer, longer, and looser.

The wedge

The functional and attractive wedge grew popular among working women who needed a hairdo for their hectic lives.

The afro puff

The afro puff, or β€œcurly puff,” has volumized curls piled high on the head. Round puffs that resemble pigtails and afros are entertaining and manageable.