Auburn Hair Colors Perfect For Autumn

Chocolate Auburn

This auburn brown hair color is ideal if you're looking for something more subtle.

Red Waves

It is difficult to determine whether the auburn hair is color-treated or natural, indicating that the color is rather natural, neutral, and versatile.

Dark Brown

Blend auburn streaks with a darker hue for a more subdued appearance, or adhere to a monochromatic deep auburn-brown hair color for a less pronounced result.

Light Auburn Balayage

If your base hair color is darker, use a golden auburn balayage to lighten your tresses. This hue of auburn hair has caramel highlights and auburn streaks, making it a "warm type."

Purple and Black Hair

Utilize a hair color with purple undertones and gray hair tones on top of your natural dark hair.

Dark Auburn Hair

Dark hair colors with auburn tints work wonders on any hair length, including long, straight hair.

Long Auburn Red Hair

If your hair contains multiple tints of red, try styling it with soft waves to highlight the different tones and add dimension. Highlighted auburn hair is always enhanced by an undulating style.