Tilted Brush Stroke

Beautiful 2023 Hair Colors You'll See Everywhere

Tilted Green Blob

Blended Bronde

This hue allows cool-toned brunettes to brighten up with blonde that lasts for months. Blending is crucial.

Tilted Green Blob

Caramel Melt Balayage

Roots, who? Ask for balayage on the ends and around the face to caramelize your chocolate mane without growing-out problems.

Tilted Green Blob

Strawberry Brown Balayage

Meet 2023's coolest brunette. Combine deep strawberry red with dark brown to make basic brown look childlike.

Tilted Green Blob

Soft Cool Black

Even though black hair is often seen to be harsh, it may be attractive if you match your skin tone. 

Tilted Green Blob

Robust Ruby Red

This dreamy redhead inspiration is going on Pinterest now. Bright and rich, this color focuses on dark ruby reds.

Tilted Green Blob

Ginger Brunette

Ginger Spice has called to request her name back. On warm skin tones, this caramelized ginger hue stands out like nobody's business.

Tilted Green Blob

Tawny Babylights

A totally brunette base can be refreshed subtly with bright auburn-meets-chestnut. Ask to combine babylights two inches from the roots.

Tilted Green Blob

Mushroom Brunette

When everyone else is eating caramel and gold, order mushroom brown. The trendiest look may be it.

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