Chic Bob Braids You Should Definitely Try

Pushed-Back Bob Braids

Pushed-back hair is effortlessly stylish. This effortless style is ideal if you're searching for something straightforward and low-maintenance.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bob Braids

Is there a more '90s hairstyle than half-up, half-down? Add colored rubber ties for increased sentimentality.

Bobbed Fulani Braids With Fanned Ends

This was one of only two iconic braided hairstyles . This flared look will lend dimension to your Zoom conferences.

Jumbo Bob Braids

These braids are stylish and require only half the time to implement. Just be sure to make them slightly smaller around the hairline so as not to overstretch the sensitive area.

Bob Braids With Beads

Beads of various hues give a braided hairdo a youthful, playful air.

Multicolor Bob Braids

If you're one of those individuals who can't decide on a hair color, why not try multiple?

Bob Braids With Flipped-in Ends

Flipping in the ends is an extremely chic way to style a bob. And since the hair flip is making a comeback, the style is completely on-trend.

Asymmetrical Bob Braids

The wonderful thing about bobs is that they look equally good with or without accessories.