Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look Naturally Amazing

Long Curls with Ombre

Ombres provide dimension and complement ringlet curls in long curly hair. Since ombre hair has dark roots and light ends, it requires less upkeep and allows for longer salon visits.

Light Auburn Curls

See these light auburn curls! After a long layered curly cut and dry cutting, use a demi-permanent shine to accentuate ginger hair.

Long Curly Hair with a Subtle Side Part

A long curly hairstyle with a little side part shows off your natural texture. You look taller with the side parting and your natural curls add volume.

Perfectly Shaped Long Curly Style

If you want weighty ringlets in long curly hairstyles, avoid over-layering. Medium-length layers are ideal for volume and contour. Air dry with a curl product for defined curls and avoid combing afterward.

Full and Healthy Long Curls

With the appropriate cut, full, healthy long curls are gorgeous. Layering thinner curls is not advised. A circular form with stringy ends will result. Less layering let your shape hang.

Naturally Curly Long Hair with Bangs

Your naturally long curly hair can boost your face with bangs. Cut face-framing layers and bangs to elevate your hair.

Gorgeous Natural Textured Waves on Long Hair

These naturally textured waves on long hair are elegant and eye-catching! This beach style for long curly hair is fantastic for enhancing curls.