Easy Retro & Vintage Hairstyles to Try This Year

Mod is Back

This Austin Powers-inspired look returns with long, straight hair and mod textured bangs.

Fingerwave Bun Updo

A retro finger wave bun updo will always be in trend. I always adapt to the times!

70s-Inspired Gorgeous Blonde Feathered Cut

A 70s-inspired blonde feathery style is perfect for Stevie Nicks impersonators. Blow dry a feathery cut with a round brush and use a hairspray you adore to keep it in place all day.

Side-Parted Vintage Style for Long Hair

Long hair gets instant volume with a side-parted retro style. The waves are curled in the same direction and combed through to create volume and width to your hair, with a side parting that lifts the roots for a stunning vintage look.

Vintage Shine on Bob Cut

This vintage wavy bob for short hair can help you shine in glitter. The textured, silky, and sparkling waves will make everyone adore retro haircuts like these.

Side Vintage Hairstyle with Tight Curls

 Curling long hair tightly and brushing it out with a wide-toothed comb causes the curls to fall upon the other, adding width and volume to make it look thicker and more glamorous.

Short Vintage Curly Bob

A retro curly bob adds elegance to shorter hair easily. To create a sleek mini updo, curl your hair around the head with a tong, flip it into a side part for volume, and twist and pin the smaller side part.

Vintage Hollywood Waves

“Veronica Lake” is now the most requested red carpet look for modern starlets.

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