Experts Say 'Unstylish' Haircuts Instantly Age Women Over 40

The “Mom Bob”

Hall characterizes the “mom bob” as a harsh, chin-length, straight-cut bob. It looks wonderful on Taylor Swift, but Hall believes it can "be aging,"

Blunt Bangs

"Thick, straight bangs can highlight forehead wrinkles and create a harsh, severe look," Hall explains. Jessica Biel has thick, blunt fringe, which mature ladies may struggle with. 

Overly Layered Hair

Hall warns that "too many layers" might age you and give a dated, feathery style. Consider 80s hair at its choppiest.

Super-Long Hair

Some women can wear long hair into their 40s and beyond, but it can be aging if poorly maintained, adds Hall.

Baby Bangs

Everson warns adult women that baby bangs may harm them, even though Emma Roberts looks great with them.

Half-Up Hairstyle

The half-up hairdo works in casual and formal settings. It shows off your hair's length and volume without covering your face.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is perfect for a modern, edgy style but not for women. The asymmetrical cut gives your hair dimension and it's not suit women face.

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