Fresh Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Men

Clean Cut with Cool Faded Sides for Black Men

A flawless shave and defined edges make this a must-try hairdo for black males.

Beard Fade with a Fresh Line-Up

This style is easy to maintain and perfect for the office or a night out. Schedule barber appointments two weeks in advance to maintain your beard and haircut.

Proper Lineup for Men with Glasses

A great haircut requires a nice lineup. Very good symmetry frames the face.

Dapper Fade

This fade haircut is stylish for thick, curly hair. This haircut contrasts short sides with a longer top, highlighting your natural curls.

Structured Afro with a Beard Fade

The beard fade contrasts with the richness and curls of afro hair. This haircut requires regular barber visits to keep the afro well-rounded and the beard fade precise.

Voluminous Fro

This enormous fro is art. It required a lot of style and teasing. Afro-Caribbean barbers specialize in this hair type.

Stylish Twists

This beautiful twist requires a lot of length in afro hair. The top is detached for growth.

Bald High Fade Flat Top

Black males with thick hair may rock this vintage high-top! As with many classics, the look is familiar and lacks surprise.

Frohawk with Shaved Line

A basic yet effective skin-tight taper from the ear to the partial ridge is the frohawk with shaved line. To make this cut stand out, add a simple line or wave element.