Gorgeous “Fall” Inspired Hair Color Ideas

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Inspired Highlights

 Autumn hair colors typically feature warmer tones that reflect the season's tints. This copper hair combines gold and soft orange tones to produce a hair color reminiscent of autumn.

Apple Cinnamon Hair

Apple cinnamon hair is ideal for the months when the air begins to cool and the foliage begin to change color.

Cinnamon Spice Long Hair

If you want a new look for your long hair this autumn, consider a style inspired by the color cinnamon spice.

Deep Cranberry Red Hair

If you have a warm skin tone, you should attempt a color that is a deep, violet-cranberry red.

Autumn Balayage Highlights

Consider opting for balayage highlights this fall if you want to add richness and dimension to your hair.

Rusty Apple Cider

Try a rusty apple cider hair color to add warmth and dimension to your autumn hairstyle during the colder months.

Fiery Pumpkin Ombre

A fiery pumpkin ombre is comprised of a deeper red copper color that transitions into a lighter and brighter copper pumpkin tone.

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