Hairstylist Secrets That Will Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

Minimize washing to maximize color

Even if your hair color is permanent, shampoo and water can still remove some color from the hair cuticle.

Tame flyaways with hairspray

However, serums do not provide hold or control. On the other hand, hairspray will work some significant magic.

Choose a bob for thicker hair

If you have fine hair, you may be searching for ways to give it a little more oomph, and a bob can do just that.

Shield your curls in the summer

Heat causes the hair cuticle to expand, causing curls and waves to become frizzy. It is the easiest hair tip in the universe.

Create easy, breezy beach waves in minutes

Spritz a touch of a holding spray onto barely damp hair, then weave into a very loose braid. Give it a half-hour and then set it free. You will have gorgeous beachy waves in a completely natural manner.

Always have "hair makeup" on hand

These typically contain pigments that adhere to your hair โ€” whether you spray them on or apply them with a brush โ€” and seamlessly combine with your hair color to provide temporary coverage exactly where you need it.

Treat dry hair overnight with vitamins

Dorram stands by vitamin E as a remedy for dry and fried hair. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, helps repair damaged hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth it can be applied directly to hair.

When braiding, moisturize as you go

The secret to creating the finest braids and cornrows is to soften and moisturize hair strands as you work.