Modern Comb Over Haircuts Trending in 2023

Old School Combover

The traditional combover will always be in style. This design suits males with strong hairlines and adds fringe height to rounder faces.

Handsome Comb Over for Older Men with Glasses

This old-fashioned pompadour comb-over suits older men with glasses. Back and sides are short and integrated into top. The long comb over has plenty of length.

Classic Comb Over with a Beard Fade

This traditional comb-over with a beard fade is versatile and sharp. Keeping the top hair long and brushing it to one side gives volume and texture.

Casual Comb Over for Young Men

For young men who want a sophisticated yet relaxed haircut, a comb-over is ideal. This style has longer top hair swept back and to the side for a clean, sophisticated look.

Laid Back Combover Cut

This laid-back combover cut is perfect for work, date night, or daily wear. You can get it at most barbershops.

Sexy Gentlemen Combover

The attractive gentleman's combover is classic and easy to maintain. They fade high, giving the separating weight.

Spiky Comb Over Style

The spiky comb over style suits thick-haired men who seek crown texture. It faded to the ears, leaving some length on top.

Comb Over for Thinning Hair

A comb over is best for thinning hair. With thin hair, we can't choose which place goes first, therefore a combover covers all problem areas.

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