Tilted Brush Stroke

These Short Hairstyles Make Graying Easy And Ageless

Tilted Green Blob

Ultra-Stacked Bob

Stack a bob with shorter back and longer, slanted front for immediate volume. Stacking volumizes the back of the head.

Tilted Green Blob

Wavy Crop Cut

Invest in the health of your hair by removing split ends and embracing your complete gray hair all at once.

Tilted Green Blob

Straight Lob

A lob haircut with few layers is unrivaled. This platinum silver long bob is straightforward to arrange and low-maintenance overall.

Tilted Green Blob

Side-Fringed Crop

Add a few inches to your signature hairdo to create a crop cut. Add personality by incorporating side fringe.

Tilted Green Blob

Blunt Collarbone Cut

We cannot help but salivate over a hairstyle that gracefully falls over the collarbones. Always highly flattering.

Tilted Green Blob

Relaxed Lob Cut

Always fashionable is a neckline-skimming design. Use lowlights to add depth to your color and assist with the transition to gray.

Tilted Green Blob

Blush Fauxhawk

A minor undercut is never harmful. With a blushed-over gray, you'll have a hairstyle that is anything but outdated.

Tilted Green Blob

Layered Shoulder Cut

Details can be the answer, especially for those who don't want to go crazy at the salon. Simple layers make this basic hairdo fashionable.

Tilted Green Blob

Curly Side Fringe

Wispy bangs, especially lively, curly wispy bangs, have a great deal of appeal for those seeking to alter their already-shorn hairstyles.

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