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This Year's Most Gorgeous Blonde Hair Colors

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Bronde (Brown/Blonde)

Douglas Michael, a hairstylist and oVertone Ambassador, says "bronde" is trending. The gold base mutes the result. "Blonde doesn't always have to be platinum," advises.

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Dirty Blonde

This basic, low-maintenance color is effortless but timeless. These loose waves enhance her natural color with modest accents.

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Sandy Blonde

Michael recommends sandy blonde for a more "beigey" or subdued blonde. Combining a gold base with a cooler reflecting tone creates this beige.

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Rooty Ash Blonde

Choosing a cool-toned ashy blonde that complements your natural hair tone might work well with dark roots and extremely blonde strands.

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Champagne Blonde

Shvonne Perkins, expert colorist for Madison Reed, describes this color as a combination of pearl and a touch of gold.

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Rose Blonde

For warmer hair, try rose blonde. "These are shades with a little more copper and pearl, giving a not-quite-red nor-quite-blonde look," Perkins adds. 

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Spiced Gold Blonde

Williams suggests spicy gold blonde for transitioning. "Add a little spice to your life by mixing gold and copper colours with this trendy hue," she advises.

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Baby Platinum Blonde

To create a multi-dimensional baby blonde look, add highlights and lowlights to platinum blonde. Blend into the roots to cut salon visits.

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