Tilted Brush Stroke

We See Champagne Hair Color Trends Lasting

Tilted Green Blob

Champagne Balayage

Not just the Instagram-perfect waves make this style sing. 3D hand-painted balayage is glossy. The roots will stay closer to your natural hue, making top-to-bottom champagne easier.

Tilted Green Blob

Pearly Champagne

This delicate, almost iridescent champagne will fulfill your mermaid hair aspirations. The baby pink undertones provide playfulness your inner child will appreciate.

Tilted Green Blob

Champagne Sombré

This sombré, a softer, less contrast-heavy take on ombré, combines multiple colors to produce a champagne-colored finish.

Tilted Green Blob

Champagne Bronde

This smooth bronde should be called "rosé champagne" Champagne strands and blush add a hint of pink. This fun style may make you feel bubblier.

Tilted Green Blob

Subtle Blush 

Subtle blush highlights lend spark to this light champagne blonde without overwhelming it. The edgy bob is optional, but strongly advised.

Tilted Green Blob

Buttery Champagne

Champagne has a cold undertone, but this buttery version has enough warmth to help you move from blonde to champagne.

Tilted Green Blob

Soft Champagne

Combining silky blonde and light brown gives this look a gentler, more lived-in feel that we adore.

Tilted Green Blob

Cool Champagne

This gleaming champagne is the epitome of ice-queen coolness, yet is still approachable. The color's dramatic, cool undertones make it suitable for winter.

Tilted Green Blob

Champagne Honey

Enhance champagne with honey blonde. The champagne removes brassiness and the warmth suits most complexion tones.

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