8 Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks Every Bride Must Know

Picking The Right Wedding Hairstyle

Your hair should complement your dress rather than compete with it. If your dress is modest, you can safely choose a dramatic hairstyle.

Do a Trial Run Ahead Of Time

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a trial run with your beautician once you've chosen a hairstyle that you like.

Bring Visual References To Your Hairstylis

Providing your cosmetologist with photographs of your desired hairstyle will prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Should You Do Your Own Hair For Your Wedding?

If you enjoy playing with your hair and have mastered a few techniques, you can undoubtedly create your own wedding hairstyles.

Do NOT Get a Haircut Right Before Your Wedding

This will help with split ends, flyaways, and of course, blending your hair with your extensions. Many brides neglect this step in an attempt to achieve maximum length.

Be True To The Real You

Remember that your day is yours alone. You determine what will make you feel joyful, attractive, and at ease. If that means sporting a natural hairstyle or the simplest hairstyle, so be it.

Change Up Your Look For The Reception

A second outfit for the reception is so fantastic! Consider having your hairstylist on-site between the ceremony and reception for a fast hair change or touch-up.

Prep Your Hair Accordingly The Day Before

Some hairstylists recommend getting a blowout the day before your wedding, so your hair is in the best condition to maintain a style on your big day.