8 Cute Natural Hairstyles You’ll Be Obsessed With


The name "wash-and-go" is slightly deceptive because this style typically requires multiple stages, but the results are excellent.

Bantu Knots

This traditional African style does not consist of actual knots, but rather of tightly coiled buns.

High Puff

This low-manipulation design is favored by many women with coily hair. Not only is it adorable, but it is also an excellent design for length retention

High Puff

When it's almost wash day and we're feeling a little sluggish, we enjoy doing low breaths. With gel and a boar-bristle brush, you can attain a sleek appearance.


Throw it up in a pineapple of curls to showcase your hair and draw attention to your face.


Afro hairstyles are the finest of both worlds: It is low-maintenance and fashionable in all contexts.


Twist-outs are a staple of simple natural hairstyles because they are a low-maintenance way to keep your curls defined and tangle-free throughout the week.


The shrinkage of curly and coily hair can result in tangles and breakage. Braid-outs enable you to lengthen your hair without using flame.

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